operational risk mitigation - are you in control?

Over 15 years I have developed an effective and simple concept to quickly manage, reduce and control operational risk - an area often underestimated on Board- and Executive levels
I make visible and reduce operational risks allowing you to take control and use risk mitigation as a tool to manage your business - watch the video about 'What all CXOs need to know about operational risk mitigation'!

Are you a newly externally recruiteted Chairman, CEO, CFO or CIO? 
Have you assessed your organisation's operational risk levels?
Are you (Board/Executive Team) about to decide on a strategic IT venture?
Have you assessed the operational risks associated?
And highly relevant today - are you in control when it comes to GDPR?

Why is operational risk mitigation so important?
Recently a global pharma lost $100Mill on bottom-line going live with an ERP system prematurely 
Leading European banks wrote off similar amounts due to inadequate development and governance processes the same year 
New examples of organisations that make significant losses due to materialised operational risks  (that could have been minimised or avoided with proper operational risk processes and governance in place) are made public every week 
2016 a leading UK telco was fined £400K for poor data security (under the new GDPR legislation the fine could have been up to £20Mill!)  

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