COMMUNICATION is vital to succeed as CIO - have a look at the videos below where I share some of my personal ideas how to get that extra leverage as CIO by using communication as a tool

I have developed a number of basic and yet powerful leadership tools the CIO/CTO can use to drive and motivate the organisation moving in the right direction in the areas of strategy, planning and performance management 
As an example - my balanced score card focus not only on financial performance (read: costs) but on change/projects management, HR, daily operations AND operational risk providing you with a 360 view 
An other example is my concept of one page IT (and programme) planning providing everyone with a crystal clear understanding of direction and priorities in the shape of a white-board size (150x100 cm) poster

I would be delighted discussing how I could potentially support and advice you on Communication and Performance Management - the objective being to Build a more business centric and 'winning team'

Why GOOD CIO:s are great storytellers - PART ONE

Why GOOD CIO:s are great storytellers - PART TWO

TOOLS - example